Septic & Well Services

State law requires your septic to be pumped a minimum of every 3 years. Contact us today to schedule your septic service, 715-787-4152.

Septic Systems & Mound Systems

Because septic systems treat and dispose of household wastewater onsite, they are often more economical than centralized sewer systems. Geographic location also plays a role in determining the type of septic system used. The mound allows the conditions to be created above the surface when below ground might not be an option. Complete septic installation including conventional, conventional lift pump systems, mound systems, at-grade mound systems, holding tanks, septic and drainfield replacement.

Septic / Holding Tank Pumping

Holding tanks do not treat sewage; they merely store sewage that will be treated at another location. Brady’s Septic Services specially trained team will use a specially equipped pump truck to remove the waste and take it to the disposal location. Depending upon your location, your county may enforce septic/holding tank pumping. We maintain and repair county holding and septic tanks as well as filter cleaning.

Septic System Repair

Septic System in need of repair

As with any septic system, poor maintenance can result in system failure. Anything from baffle repair and replacement, to inlet and outlet pipe repair, riser and manhole cover installation and septic tank repair.

It's the law!

State law requires your septic system to be pumped and/or inspected a minimum of once every three years. How often you pump depends on the amount of water you use so it may be possible that your tank needs to be pumped more often than every three years.

General rule of thumb: The more people using your septic system = increased water flow = your septic tank will fill up faster = more frequent pumping.

We ask that you, the homeowner, have all manhole covers dug open if they are not already above ground. There will be an additional charge if we have to dig open the covers.

Perc Testing

A perc test is a test to determine the type, size and location of a new septic system - it determines the absorption rate of soil for a septic drain field or "leach field". The results of a soil test are required to properly design a septic system. It is usually required that a backhoe be used to do a perc test, however there are certain counties that allow a hand tool to be used to complete the test.

Glass of Water

Real Estate Septic Evaluation / Well Inspections / Water Testing

Looking to sell your home? Purchasing a new home? Brady’s Septic Service gives a complete residential and commercial real estate septic and well inspection, including water testing. One call does it all!


High Pressure Jetting & Roto-Rooting

Clogged pipes? Tree roots a problem? Milk house drains plugged? With the use of our high pressure jet machine and roto-rooter machines we are able to pressure jet plugged sewer pipes, milk house drains, floor drains, etc.

Winter Thawing of Septic & Waterlines

Wisconsin winters are becoming colder and colder! These harsh conditions may cause your septic and water lines to freeze up. With the use of our high pressure hot water jet machine, we can “defrost the frost” in your septic and water lines.

Complete Water Well & Submersible Pump Repair

No water? Low water pressure? Water pressure fluctuating? Give us a call and have us diagnose the problem. With a little information from you, we are usually able to give you an idea of what is wrong and an approximate cost to repair.